Amicale FC attacking midfielder, Micah Lea'alafa. Photo credit: www.vanuafoot.vu

Amicale FC attacking midfielder, Micah Lea’alafa. Photo credit: www.vanuafoot.vu

In sports, local football sensation Micah Lea’alafa will be able to show off his skills and God given talent in Italy, according to reports from Amicale FC President Andrew Leong.

Mr. Leong has confirmed to Vanuafoot Media that the Amicale FC Head Coach from Italy, Marco Banchini has arranged for Micah and two other Amicale players to go for a trial in Italy.

He adds, while they are waiting for Italy to confirm their departure dates OFC Club Champions, Auckland City FC is interested to recruit Micah to play for them.

The Amicale FC President says this is a great news for the club and Micah will be happy because one of his dreams is to play overseas.

Meanwhile, a very happy Micah says he will do his level best to play good football and make his family, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu proud.

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