Outgoing FIFA President Joseph Sepp Blatter. Photo credit:

Outgoing FIFA President Joseph Sepp Blatter. Photo credit:

The President of the Solomon Islands Football Association (SIFF) says Solomon Islands should give credit to Sepp Blatter.

Until last Friday, Sepp Blatter was the President of FIFA. He stepped down from the position amidst allegations he received bribes during two World Cup tournaments.

But SIFF President, Willie Lai says while there is current ongoing investigations into the FIFA scandal, Solomon Islands should give its credit to the Mr Sepp Blatter who resigned from his post after being re-elected last Friday.

Mr Lai also said developing countries should give credit to Mr Blatter because he has really helped them.

“What we want now is that we are looking forward to working with the new president of FIFA. The understanding is that within the next six months there will be an elective congress. Corruption and things like that you know, in the higher places I think let’s give credit to Mr Blatter because I think did a lot of good work for the smaller nations in the world and I think he did a lot. In the Solomon Islands it’s the same in that more support has been received.”

The SIFF President also said they hope the new president will continue to carry out Mr Blatter’s work in developing countries.

“So we hope the new President will do the same for the small nations rather than you know, look for the big nations. I think that would be more important for us as far as Solomon Islands is concern.”

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