Minimum wage doubled



The country’s legal Minimum Wage has doubled, effective 1st of August 2019.

The increase was based on recent submitted salaries and reports.

This was confirmed by the Minister responsible for Commerce, Labour and immigration, Clezy Rore.

Minister Rore said, as of 1st August, the minimum wage rate has increased from 4- dollars per hour to 8-dollars per hour, applied across all sectors.

Mr. Rore adds, the DCGA government believed in proper and fair remuneration package for all employees to ensure they maintain normal standard of living.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Labor Advisory Board and Commissionner of Labor, Joshiah Manehia said, the board had spent the last five years working on the minimum wage document.

Solomon Islands was among the region’s lowest minmum wage, he said.

Effecting the new wage rate meant the announcement by the last Government to increase the minimum wage rate finally came into effect.

Its is one of the priorities of the DCGA government 100 days policy.

By: Charlie Piringi.

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