Supervising Minister of Commerce Elijah Doro Muala. Photo: SIBC.

Supervising Minister of Commerce Elijah Doro Muala. Photo: SIBC.

Supervising Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Ministry, MPGIS, Hon. Elijah Doro Muala has signed the Choiseul Provincial Government’s budgets for 2014/15 financial year.

A statement today from the Ministry confirms, the Minister assented the budget yesterday.

This is possible after CPG passed a total budget of more than 15 Million dollars recently.

The statement says the remaining eight Provinces will soon follow the same procedure as the deadline for assenting the budget by the MPGIS draws closer.

The statement adds as the budget has been assented by the Supervising Minister, the Province is now in a position to kick start the implementation of its budget early next month.

SIBC News understands under the Provincial Government, Act 1997, once a Provincial Assembly has approved its new budget, the MPGIS Minister must endorse it.

Meanwhile, the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government has passed its more than 12-million dollars budget for the 2014-2015 financial year.

Speaking to SIBC News today, Provincial Secretary Commins Ikioa confirms the provincial assembly has passed a total budget of 12-point-zero-three million dollars yesterday.

“The Provincial Assembly has passed its 2014-2015 budget and the main components of the budget are as follows: Recurrent Expenditure is six-point-six-one million and the Capital Expenditure is five-point-four-two million dollars. That totals up to a total Recurrent and Capital Expenditure for the Makira Ulawa Province 2014-2015 standing at 12-point-zero-three million dollars.”

Mr. Ikioa advised the people of Makira Ulawa province that the major financier of the budget will be the national government in the form of Service Grants estimated at 4-point-six million dollars.

He says, the provincial government is also looking at five major infrastructure projects, including school building complexes to be financed under the budget.

The Provincial Secretary adds, they have also decided to increase their ward grants to six-hundred thousand dollars for each ward respectively, meaning each ward will receive 30-thousand dollars for the 2014/2015 financial year.

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