The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has released its 2012, 2013 teachers’ re-levelling exercise, which will affect over 5-thousand teachers.

Revealing the Ministry’s re-levelling exercise to journalists last Friday, Director of Teaching Service, Matthias Kutai said around 5-thousand, and one-hundred and thirty teachers are now under the re-levelling scheme of service.

“I think with the teacher re-levelling exercise happening all of last year, the figures I have so far with the total number of teachers re-levelled and those directly entering the scheme of service in 2012 and 2013 is around five thousand one hundred and thirty teachers”.

The Teaching Service Director also explained that the re-levelling scheme does not include the 2-thousand plus Teachers in Training.

“A good number of our TIT (teacher in training) teachers currently working, around two thousand and ninety-three teachers are not catered for under this exercise”, he said.

SIBC News understands the re-leaving exercise follow’s an agreement reached between SINTA and the National Government last Friday.


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