Malaita Ma'asina Forum President Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

Malaita Ma’asina Forum President Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum has questioned the government’s decision to have Frank Prendergast as the new Commissioner of Police for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo last week advised the Governor General of Mr Prendergast’s appointment, after consultations with the Police and Correctional Service Commission.

But speaking recently to reporters, the Malaita Ma’asina Forum said Mr Prendergast still has to answer for the 2011 riots on Christmas Island detention center.

ABC’s 7.30 online reports an Australian Federal Police sergeant secretly recorded an admission from a senior officer that the force withdrew a crack riot squad partly to “manufacture a situation” on Christmas Island.

Meanwhile, Malaita Ma’asina Forum President Charles Dausabea said the Forum has received confirmation from Australia that Mr Prendergast still has a case to be cleared for.

“It’s on record that his case is yet to complete. We got confirmation from Australia that his case was never dealt with. Why do we appoint him as Commissioner of Police for Solomon Islands, when he got a case to be cleared for? That is the reason. Why Prime Minister? Now you can tell or I was not informed, well what did your highly paid political appointees do in office. What are they doing, eating public money for nothing? This is what they should be doing. Nobody pay us to do this, but we want to protect our country for the next generation.”

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum President also said he believes Canberra is not aware of what is going on, especially with the appointment of Mr Prendergast as the new Police Commissioner for the RSIPF.

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