Neluo aims to give back to his Community through voluntary work

Neluo aims to give back to his Community through voluntary work


By Alfred E. Pagepitu

As part of the extensive team of 2,500-plus volunteers recruited, trained, and managed for the Sol2023 Pacific Games, individuals like Lazarus Neluo play a vital role.

These volunteers, ranging from meeting and greeting on the front lines to backstage heroes and specialists like paramedics, are the heart of the Sol2023 Pacific Games, shaping the experience for competitors and attendees alike.

Neluo comes from Matembo Village in Temotu province, is among the two thousand-plus volunteers.

He expressed that his experience as a volunteer in the 2023 Pacific Games has been enlightening, and he hopes to apply the knowledge gained to give back to his community.

SIBC had the opportunity to interview Neluo, who serves as the team leader for his group at the DC Park area.

In this role, he and his team greet visitors with smiling faces and offer assistance to those attending various sports at the venue.

Neluo shared that as a volunteer and team leader, he has learned valuable skills and intends to impart this knowledge to his people and village, based on the training and short courses he received.

“This is a new experience for me, and even though I don’t earn a significant amount of money as a volunteer, I find fulfillment in giving back to my country.”

“I’m content with what I’m doing. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people, including athletes from various Pacific Islands countries participating in different sports,” he added.

“I’ve enjoyed watching the events and trying different foods and drinks. While they may not pay me for what I am doing, I love my country and, with the little it has, we volunteers strive to provide excellent services for visitors, spectators, and athletes.

He mentioned that in their group, there are two team leaders, and he is one of them, with a total of 17 volunteers deployed at the venue.

Reflecting on his experience, he shared, ‘My challenge here is that some other Pacific Island countries do not speak English, but I tried my best to communicate with them. It’s one of my challenges, but I love what I’m doing,” he replied with a smile.

Neluo expressed his gratitude to his team for their collaborative efforts, and he aspires to implement a similar program for his community.

He predicts hosting small events that he can manage with other young individuals in his community.

Neluo also expresses gratitude to the trainers and the government for providing such activities, which has served as an eye-opener for many in the community.

If you happen to travel or visit DC Park to watch the remaining games, Neluo and his team are there to assist you.

They will guide you on where spectators should stand, provide information about the Sol2023 Pacific venue, and assist you with various needs until the end of the games. –ENDS////

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