New $10 note to be introduced this week


The CBSI headquarters in Honiara

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands will launch a new $10 legal tender banknote this week.

The central bank’s Public Relations and Communications Officer Uriel Matanani said the governor of the bank and the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury will officiate the launch at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

Mr Matanani said the central bank’s policy to upgrade banknotes and other currency has resulted in several changes since 2012.

“The central bank has been engaged for the past couple of years in introducing new banknotes and coins,” he said. “In 2012 we introduced a new set of coins, and ever since 2013 we’ve been gradually introducing a $100 banknote, then a new $50 banknote; we had the $20 banknote released just earlier this year, and now we have a new $10 banknote that we will start using on Wednesday this week.”

Mr Matanani said the announcement of a new $5 note will be next.

By Leni Dalavera 

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