Robbery logo. Photo credit:

Robbery logo. Photo credit:

Two-hundred and ninety thousand dollars of the Westpac Bank robbery is still missing and this has caused a Principal Magistrate to refuse bail for the men accused of the armed robbery.

In January, this year masked men attempted to make off with $4 million of the Bank’s money in a heist that cost a young security guard’s hand in January this year.

The missing money has also cost bail for five men accused of the robbery.

They are charged with robbery and simple larceny.

Principal Magistrate Shepherd Lapo told the Magistrates Court this week he will not grant bail to the five men because Two-hundred and ninety thousand dollars is still missing.

He says police are yet to recover the money and the accused’s are likely to make efforts to conceal the money if they go out on bail.

Magistrate Lapo also told the Court, the five men should not be on bail because evidence shows that they are a flight risk.

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