Ngali nuts in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

Ngali nuts in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

New Caledonia is ready to receive Ngali nut exports from Solomon Islands if the exports meet the country’s organic standards.

Kastom Garden Association Manager Clement Hadasaea told SIBC News they have secured market for ngali nut export to New Caledonia.

But, he says, the nuts must be certified organically.

The Kastom Garden Association Manager says they are currently working towards establishing a participatory Guarantee Organic System that will ensure local products for overseas organic markets meet the standards required.

He says the Association are currently training Ngali nut stakeholders on the Guarantee Organic System in Baniata, Western Province.

“And if they have this certificate there’s already a secured market in New Caledonia where there’s an interested buyer who would buy our Ngali nuts and Baniata is a community that has a lot of Ngali nuts in terms of wild harvest, so we see it as an opportunity to train our staff, stakeholders like Sanetina and also at the Ministry.”

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