Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Newly elected Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Stanley Siapu has called for support from his people.

The Premier made the call following his victory last week, saying under his leadership he will try and achieve some tangible change that will address issues and needs of the people of Makira Ulawa Province.

He says they will be working very hard to pave a mechanism that will provide real tangible change.

“We will be working very hard to establish a mechanism that will pave the way for us to be able to provide development and services that fully address the needs of the people.”

Premier Siapu adds, under his leadership they will try and create a clear pathway to ensure strong linkages between stakeholders and the national government.

“And we should also be looking at linking up formally well with the national government through the ministries and other line bodies so that there is an effective channel of communication as well as support from the respective government bodies.”

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