Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Newly elected Provincial members for Makira Ulawa Province are converging at the Provincial capital, Kirakira this week.

Provincial Secretary, Silas Sitai reports from Kirakira, the MPAs will be taking their Oaths as the people’s representatives in the provincial government level.

Mr. Sitai adds, the provincial speaker’s nomination and that of the premier are also open this week.

He explains, the election of Makira Ulawa’s new provincial speaker will be the leaders main business for this Friday.

“Thereafter is the Premier’s election, so the nominations will open on Wednesday and then the elections will be held on Friday. Nominations for the Deputy Speaker’s post will open over the weekend and then followed elections in the following week, and that should sum up the first sitting of the newly elected Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly.”

Makira Ulawa Province went to the polls on the 16th December to elect their new provincial representatives.

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