A jetty at Taro Choiseul. Photo credit:

A jetty at Taro Choiseul. Photo credit:

The North West Choiseul Constituency has a new business venture.

Called the VATATE Investment and Development Company Limited, the company was formed to provide shipping services for the constituency.

In a press statement today, Chair of the VAVATE Taskforce, Moses Pelomo says the task force is discussing the proposed shipping company with people from the constituency next week.

Mr Pelomo says the meeting is to map out the best way of using the national government policy grant to alleviate the shipping services to the North West Choiseul Constituency, and to Choiseul Province.

He adds, one key outcome of the meeting will be to find volunteers from the constituency’s seven wards to ensure all the wards are fairly represented in the Task Force.

Meanwhile, the Task Force Chairman has called on people of North West Choiseul in and around Honiara to attend the meeting, saying the Task Force believes active participation and constructive criticism will help ensure the company is owned by them.

SIBC News understands the meeting will be held next Sunday, October 26.

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