OPMC claims, CARE Coalition is illegal

OPMC claims, CARE Coalition is illegal


The CARE coalition is never registered under the Political Parties Integrity Act (PPIA). Such total disregard for the Political Parties Integrity Act shows a NO-CARE attitude of our laws. 

It begs the question, why did they ignore our laws? 

A coalition that is inspired to make changes would have registered its coalition under the PPIA as is required by law.

Matthew Wale and Rick Hou should not be using the CARE coalition- it is not a coalition, it is basically a group of people who go around smearing other candidates by bad mouthing the DCGA in the hope that our people will believe them..

A genuine coalition would have registered under the PPIA, why were the parties- Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) and Democratic Alliance Party (DAP)- choosing not to register their coalition?

Are they not confident about themselves? Or do they just not care?  

For voters, the CARE coalition should not be taken seriously as it is an illegal coalition. 

More than that, the leaders of the supposed coalition- Matthew Wale and Rick Hou, have willfully decided to sidestep the requirement of a lawful Act- PPIA- this speaks volume of their true colors. 

They are not genuine and used the ‘CARE coalition’ merely to usher them into power. THEY DO NOT CARE!!

Meanwhile part 8 of the Political Parties Integrity Act 2014 provides for ‘Coalition Agreement’

Section 53 (1) states “ a political party may, before or after an election, negotiate and enter into a coalition agreement with other political parties, and such agreement must contain the minimum rules set out in schedule 2’’.

Section 53 (2) states “ the coalition of political parties, within seven days after a coalition agreement is signed, must lodge with the registrar as prescribed notice affirming the agreement”.


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