Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Photo credit: SICR

Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Photo credit: SICR

The Prime Minister’s Office will file civil suits against Government officials who failed to account for outstanding imprests of oversea trips.

The Auditor General’s Office recorded 31 outstanding interests from the Prime Minister’s Office, totalling to more than a million dollars.

This was the basis of one of the questions put to the Prime Minister’s Office during the Public Accounts Committee hearing last week.

In response, Secretary to Prime Minister James Remobatu says they have requested the Ministry of Finance to provide them with
documentation of the imprests that the AG Chambers will include in civil suits against the officers involved.

“We have requested the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to provide us with the original documentation with the view that we instruct the AG Chambers to maybe institute a civil suit for the recovery of debt owed to government through the unretired imprest. We are yet to receive the necessary documentation as you’ll appreciate Mr Chair when it goes to court then the authenticity of the document would be an issue.”

Mr Remombatu said many of the imprests had to do with medical trips overseas for Ministers and former political appointees, as well as past and present Government officials.

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