Parliament session delayed due to lack of quorum

Inside the National Parliament. Photo: National Parliament of Solomon Islands

The National Parliament could not deliberate on its business for today because it lacked a quorum to do so.

Speaker of the National Parliament Ajilon Nasiu was forced to dismiss Parliament after a 15-minute waiting period.

Member of Parliament for Aoke/Langalanga Matthew Wale raised the issue of quorum soon after the formal opening of this morning’s session.

MP Wale said only 24 MPs were in attendance, which was a shortfall of one MP to command absolute majority to proceed.

During the first session of the 7th meeting of the 10th Parliament yesterday, Speaker Nasiu emphasised that all MPs must attend all Parliament meetings and be on time.

Since the former MP for Gizo/Kolombangara Jimson Tanangada lost his seat after a High Court ruling over an election petition case late last year, Parliament currently has only 49 MPs.

By Leni Dalavera

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