Police reminds public to think sea safety while traveling this festive season


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to those planning to travel by boats and ships for this festive season to follow safety measures. 

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said, ships and boats should not be overloaded with cargo and passengers. 

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau

Passengers and crew are not under the influence of alcohol and it is the responsibility of the captain to ensure the safety of the vessel and passengers.

 “Make sure to have the appropriate safety equipment on board to cater for the number of passengers legally allowed to carry including appropriate communication equipment. Sea safety is very important to avoid any further tragic sea incidence especially during the festive season.”

Police provide the following measures to be adhered to before or while travelling.

         Plan your trip and at least let a member of your family know where you are going and what time you expect to arrive;

         Check the weather on SIBC or call the Met Service on the toll free 933; or phones 36310 or 24219.

         If you start your trip and the weather becomes bad, seek shelter until the sea is calm;

         Make sure your boat is seaworthy and your OBM is serviced and maintained;

         Know your skipper. Make sure they are experienced in driving boats;

         Do not overload your boat

         Wear life jackets. Take food and water, paddles, first aid kit, anchor and rope, mirror to signal others, tools, bucket, torch, phone, flares and EPIRB;

         Take extra fuel;

         If your skipper is drunk, do not go with them or let them control the boat; and

         If you require help, at sea call the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) on phone 21609 or 27685 or the toll free phone 977; or call the RSIPF National Communication Centre on phone 23666 or the toll free phone 999.

Safety at sea starts with you. IF YOU ARE NOT TOO SURE, STAY ASHORE


Police media

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