RSIPF Commissioner Frank Prendergast. Photo credit: SIBC.

RSIPF Commissioner Frank Prendergast. Photo credit: SIBC.

Police have arrested a prime suspect in relation to the recent killing incident at the Ranadi area.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast confirmed at his weekly media conference yesterday the arrest was made after a successful police investigation into the matter.

Commissioner Prendergast says a man in his 30’s from Temotu province was arrested.

“Following police investigations and a post mortem conducted I can advise that a person has been arrested in relation to that murder. He’s a man in his 30’s from Temotu province.”

Meanwhile, Mr Prendergast thanked the public for successfully assisting police in their investigations.

The Police Commissioner calls on members of the public to drink responsibly and ensure public safety be maintained at all times.

He says this call is important as the recent deaths are alcohol-related.

“Firstly, thank you to the members of the public who assisted police in their inquiries in relation to that matter and urged people to treat each other with respect. It’s particularly important perhaps where people have been drinking that they are cautious about their behaviour and that we all look after each other. There have been a number of murders since Christmas, most of them have involved family violence and the vast majority have involved alcohol.”

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