‘Prison a possibility’ for using plastic bags in the Western Province


Plastic bag ban: a plastic bag in a nice garden.

A draft legal framework to ban plastic bags in Western Province is being reviewed by legal experts, with its Premier reveling you could “go to prison” for using plastic bags in the province.

Western Province premier Wayne Maepio told SIBC Online that if approved, it would help the provincial government address the extensive use of plastic bags in the province.

Plans to ban plastic bags to protect the environment in Western Province were announced earlier this year. Premier Maepio said his government was committed to implementing the ban.

Premier Maepio said the proposed ban would impose penalties for using plastic bags in the province, and although prison was on the cards, a fine was considered more likely.

“It means that if you use plastic bags you might end up in prison, or you might get a fine or be suspended from the West.”

The Premier said the ban was expected to come into effect by the end of the year.

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