The Police Headquarters signboard. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Police Headquarters signboard. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Rearmament Program has received community support.

Pastor David Komasi of the Assembly of God Gateway Church in the Alligator Creek community, East Honiara has expressed support for the limited rearmament during community consultations held at his church last Sunday.

Pastor Komasi said police lack the right equipment to confront certain criminal elements.

He supports the decision by the government to rearm some units within the RSIPF for the safety of the officers as well as members of the communities.

Mr Komasi adds the community usually calls on the police for assistance but sometimes it’s too dangerous even for the Police.

He supports the decision by the Government to rearm the police, adding he is hopeful the project will be successful.

Meanwhile, Michael Walburn of the RAMSI Participating Police Force, explained, as part of their training under the limited rearmament project, members of the RSIPF Police Response Team also undergo sea training as they will be required to undertake border duties if the need arise.

He adds the limited rearmament project is a complex one requiring a comprehensive approach.

Meanwhile, Inspector Luke Vaikawi of the Royal Solomon Islands Police says the force is ready to be rearmed.

Inspector Vaikawi assures, the RSIPF is a very different police force today than it was during the tension period.

He says between 70 to 80 percent of its officers have been recruited after the Tension and RSIPF has benefited from over a decade of
extensive and rigorous capacity development from RAMSI.

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