Former Members of Parliament for West Are'are John Maneniaru. Photo credit: Parliament.

Former Members of Parliament for West Are’are John Maneniaru. Photo credit: Parliament.

A community policing officer in West Are’are, Peter Waikiri has called on all eligible voters of the Constituency to respect the democratic rights of all intending candidates who are conducting their political campaigns in the constituency.

Mr Waikiri told SIBC News he made the call after learning that certain individuals in the constituency are planning to disrupt political campaigns by certain intending candidates for the Constituency.

He appealed on all voters in West Are’are to listen to all campaigns and choose freely without fear or favour, their next Member of Parliament in the coming elections.

“Voters in some communities are against other candidates doing their political campaigns in other communities, so what I want is to appeal to all communities in West Are’are to feel free and listen to every candidate because we want to choose a leader that can take this country to the next level and we need a good leader that we can work together with at our level in society because for so long we have been crying out for good development but we ourselves must also accept our country and ourselves.”

SIBC News understands, most political parties have launched their manifestos and have started their campaign trails.

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