Rodney Satini Grabs Silver in Para Singles Table Tennis

Rodney Satini Grabs Silver in Para Singles Table Tennis


By Lynton A. Filia

In an intense showdown at the Multipurpose arena on Saturday 25th, Day 6 of the 17th Pacific Games, Rodney Satini earned a silver medal in the single para table tennis category despite a closely contested final match against Tahiti.

Satini displayed outstanding competence, taking the lead in two sets during the final competition. However, his Tahitian opponent rallied back stronger in the third set, clinching a sensational victory and securing the gold medal in a thrilling third set.

While the defeat marked the end of the match, the pride and support for Satini echoed beyond the venue. His coach and parents, particularly his mother, Glenda Malefo, expressed huge pride and joy in his achievement.

In an exclusive conversation with SIBC, Glenda Malefo shared her excitement, expressing, “I am thrilled for my son, especially as this was his debut in such a prestigious competition. Despite his disability, he reached the final stage and was awarded the silver medal.”

Recalling the journey leading to Rodney’s participation in the 17th Pacific Games, Glenda revealed, “When Team Solomon para approached us and invited Rodney to join the para men’s team event, I was thrilled. I supported him every day, providing bus fare and steadfast encouragement, as he is my only son.”

The news of Rodney’s participation in the Pacific Games brought joy to Glenda. She mentioned attending every game, passionately cheering him on. “His performance has been outstanding. Our entire family turned up to watch his matches, and the excitement was intense.”

Looking ahead, Glenda pledged her ongoing support for Rodney’s aspirations, emphasizing her commitment to his journey in sports.

Steven Daefonia, the Para coach, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Rodney for his remarkable achievement, acknowledging the dominance displayed by Rodney in the final match.

“In this final match, Rodney truly dominated the game. His skills are evident, but what’s crucial is his focus,” said Daefonia, highlighting the need for sustained concentration in crucial moments.

Reflecting on the team’s performance, Daefonia remarked, “In our final, we narrowly missed securing a gold medal. While we aimed for victory, Tahiti’s preparation also played a significant role. Rodney showcased excellent performance, yet one area for improvement lies in his self-focus.”

Acknowledging factors impacting performance, Daefonia mentioned, “Disturbances from the crowd occasionally affect concentration. Despite this, Rodney is an exceptional player.”

Daefonia expressed confidence in Rodney’s potential, foreseeing a bright and promising future for him in the table tennis. — ENDS//

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