Solomon Islands’ Para Table Tennis Athletes Shine at Pacific Games

Solomon Islands’ Para Table Tennis Athletes Shine at Pacific Games


By Lynton A. Filia

Solomon Islands’ para table tennis athletes displayed exceptional skill and determination, securing silver and bronze medals in both the male and female categories after intense battles against Tahiti and Fiji at the Multipurpose Hall.

Rodney Satini clinched the silver medal, showcasing remarkable strength, despite a tough match against Tahiti.

Shadrack Timothy claimed the bronze medal following a hard-fought victory against his national, Mylus Mamu.

Noela Olo also displayed outstanding skill, securing the silver medal with a commanding win against Fiji.

Steven Daefonia, the coach of the Para Table Tennis team, praised the athletes for their outstanding performances adding, their dedication and hard work is what made them earn such individual outcomes.

He also acknowledges their commitment to the sport and their impressive performances on the table.

Expressing excitement and pride in his players’ achievements, Daefonia highlighted their successful progress to the semi-finals and finals, resulting in well-deserved medals.

“There are few areas to work on, and that we need intense training to match the standards set by their opponents.”

Regarding the female para players, Daefonia noted their commendable performance and medal achievement for the country. Despite missing out on the gold against Tahiti for both male and female category, he acknowledged the preparation and skill of their opponents.

“I’m incredibly excited and proud of my players in para table tennis. Their journey to the semi-finals and finals and their well-deserved medals are a testimony to their dedication. Their participation in this Pacific Games has been truly inspiring.

“To elevate our game and match the high standards set by our opponents, we recognize the need for more comprehensive training. I’m committed to assessing our training needs and ensuring our players receive the necessary resources and professional guidance to excel.”

Daefonia extended gratitude to the supporters of the Solomon Islands’ para tennis team, who have showed support in both double and single table tennis throughout the competition at Multipurpose hall.

He expressed heartfelt thanks for their unwavering encouragement and backing.

Shadrack Timothy, who secured a gold medal in the table tennis team event and a bronze in the singles category, expressed satisfaction with their results. He praised his teammates for their exceptional performance, stating they’ve given their all.

Timothy said, “In each match, there’s an opportunity for learning and growth, not solely about the game, but about our collective journey towards team achievements for both individuals and our nation. It’s about going beyond our limits and discovering new potentials.” –ENDS//

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