RSIPF female detective inspector honored with International Management of Serious Crime Award of Excellence

RSIPF female detective inspector honored with International Management of Serious Crime Award of Excellence


International Women’s Day which was held on 8 March 2024, and is a day for recognising the achievements of Women around the world.

Therefore, it was only fitting that Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Detective Inspector Eileen Rose Nala (Rose) was recognized and presented with the International Management of Serious Crime (IMOSC) Award of Excellence.

Inspector Nala represented the RSIPF at the IMOSC Course held in Indonesia in 2023, which brought together senior investigators from 15 countries namely; Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Samoa, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Timor Leste, Nauru, Thailand, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomons Islands, Tonga and Australia.

The course is recognized as Australasian policing’s premier training program for leaders of complex serious crime investigations.  It aims to develop the capability of senior crime leaders to contribute to, and influence efforts to combat serious crime through strategy, policy and capability development both organizationally, nationally and internationally.

Group photo of participants at the IMOSC Course held in Indonesia in 2023.

The Award of Excellence acknowledged Inspector Nala’s efforts during the course; recognising that she embraced management of serious crime philosophies and demonstrated outstanding leadership, collaboration, and strategic awareness.

RSIPF Assistant Commissioner, Patricia Leta, presented the award to Inspector Nala and reflected on her contribution to RSIPF and women in policing.

‘Detective Inspector Nala is a highly regarded leader within the RSIPF and role model for fellow female colleagues to aspire to.  This award recognizes Inspector Nala’s continued dedication to learn and grow as a Police Officer and her efforts will continue to positively impact the RSIPF and wider community’.

Selection to attend the IMOSC program is highly sought after and Inspector Nala’s attendance is reflective of her demonstrated capability and recognized expertise.

The International Management of Serious Crime (IMOSC) Award of Excellence.

As Officer in Charge of the RSIPF Sexual Assault Squad, Inspector Nala leads a team of dedicated officers who investigate and prosecute sexual offences.  Inspector Nala also takes a lead in providing support to survivors of gender based and sexual violence and the wider community.

Her role as a highly regarded leader within RSIPF is a culmination of 22 years of dedication to policing.  As a young woman from Choiseul Province, she travelled to Honiara and subsequently joined the RSIPF in 2001, fulfilling her desire to become a police officer.

Within a year of graduating as a Constable, Inspector Nala’s aptitude for policing, determination to learn and leadership qualities were clear, and she was assigned to an investigative branch. She became a Detective within five years and a Sergeant within ten years.

During her career Inspector Nala has seen a noticeable, positive transformation in the RSIPF and the role of women in policing. She offers advice to members commencing their career.

“Always ask questions and have a thirst for more knowledge; use the challenges you face as learning experiences not as setbacks; engage with as many people as you can as there is a real strength in diversity; and accept and embrace change.”

Inspector Nala attributes her success to the support and mentorship throughout her career; her colleagues in the RSIPF, and Australian counterparts advising under RAMSI, SIPDP and more recently the RAPPP.

Among her host of achievements, Inspector Nala is a daughter, a wife, and a mother of three beautiful children.



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