The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Vice-Chancellor, Dr Glynn Galo has welcomed the government’s commitment to increasing the university’s grant by another $7 million next year.

Speaking at the handing over of new computer labs yesterday, Dr Galo thanked the government for its commitment to the university.

“I was informed by the Minister of Education that the Government has increased our grant for next year to the tune of another $7 million, so for that Honourable Minister of Education thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Human Resources Development Dr Derek Sikua confirmed the grant increase.

“I would like to confirm what the Vice-Chancellor has mentioned about the $7 million increase that has recently been approved by the Cabinet for the recurrent budget which will basically bring you back to pre-2015 levels for its recurrent budget from the government of $22 million.”

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