The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) delivered yet again another livelihood project worth SBD$1.3 million for rural communities in the Shortland Islands Constituency last Friday.

Project goods included 50 water tanks, 3 Chinese tricycle trucks, 100 sets of solar panels, and 100 solar-powered street lights.

This was made possible under the Rural Sustainable Development Program (RSDP), funded by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and implemented by MRD towards enhancing quality of life, livelihoods, and sustainable development in the rural communities of the constituency.

During the handover ceremony, Counsellor Ding Yongua of the PRC expressed confidence that this assistance would positively impact the residents of the Shortland Islands Constituency.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations four years ago, China has been assisting rural development in all the provinces by financing CDF and RSDP. Rural people have warmly welcomed the projects that cover all rural communities. We have delivered hundreds of projects such as schools, bridges, classrooms, clinics, markets, village halls, water supply and sanitary projects, boats, vehicles, agriculture and fishery tools, and many more,” he added.

He further stated that China will continue to support a more promising and prosperous life for the Solomon people and the sustainable development of rural areas.

He added that the handover is another testament to the SI-PRC friendship.

Some of the community members and recipients who attended the handover program.

“As a developing country, China fully understands the development needs and concerns of the Solomon Islands. We would like to share our experiences with you and continue to assist the Solomon Islands in achieving independent and sustainable development,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Shortland Islands Constituency and Minister for the Ministry of Home Affairs Isikeli Vave Junior expressed profound gratitude to the government and the people of China for the generous assistance.

Minister Vave also commended the PRC and MRD for prioritizing the welfare of their constituents, particularly soon after his election.

“We have been deprived of such development for years now. I hope this will improve the livelihood of the people of the Shortland Islands,” Hon. Vave said.

He added that the three (3) tricycle trucks are a sigh of relief for their men who produce copra because they will not carry their copra on their shoulders anymore.

Hon. Vave also recognized the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) for facilitating RSDP.

“This support marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts towards rural advancement.

“The materials provided will play a crucial role in improving infrastructure, enhancing agricultural productivity, and supporting various community projects aimed at fostering sustainable development. This generous gesture reflects the strong and growing partnership between our nations and underscores the commitment of the People’s Republic of China to supporting the development aspirations of the Solomon Islands.

Water tanks funded by RSDP delivered to Shortlands Constituency rural communities.

“We are deeply grateful for this support and are confident that it will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of our people. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and working together towards achieving our shared goals of prosperity and development for all,” Minister Hon. Vave said.

At the same time, Deputy Secretary Technical (supervising) of MRD, George Balairamo, congratulated the project beneficiaries and urged them to utilize the assets for their intended purpose of supporting their livelihood.

He also used the opportunity to call on the recipients to take ownership of the projects and take good care of the assets for the benefit of their communities, families, and future generations.

Chief Remisio Laore, a program beneficiary, conveyed his community’s appreciation for the assistance received.

“I thanked the People’s Republic of China for their generosity. On behalf of the communities in Shortland Islands Constituency, I would also like to acknowledge our MP for making sure these projects are delivered to our communities.

“The handing over of this project signifies a milestone in the development of the Shortland Islands Constituency,” Chief Laore stressed.

RSDP is a joint partnership program between the Ministry of Rural Development and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) aimed at improving the social and economic development and livelihood of citizens in the rural areas of the Solomon Islands.

Core priority areas of the program are socio-economic infrastructure development and income-generating projects in all of the Solomon Islands, with the outcome of achieving integrated sustainable development focusing on 75% of those who live in remote rural areas and strengthening the effective participation of indigenous people and local communities in socio-economic initiatives.

More RSDP community project handovers are scheduled for the coming weeks.

-MRD Press Release 

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