Seasonal Workers Remitted around SBD 72M into SI

Locals working under the Australia Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Workers Program have remitted or sent around 72 million Solomon dollars back into the country.

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Collin Beck told SIBC News. 

PC: ABC news

He said the ministry’s initial target of sending out 3 thousand workers this year will likely increase as current data shows 2500 individuals are currently working under the scheme.  

“The 2500 figure is the combined figures for workers in both Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Beck said.  

Mr Beck said around 1,298 Solomon Islanders are working in the semi-skilled industry under the Australia Pacific Labor Scheme while 926 of them are under the seasonal workers program.

Youths made up the majority of workers accepted as many university graduates have applied for the program. 

The program is open to everyone, however we have seen many of our youths are the ones applying. These calls for the recognition that 18 thousand of our youths are looking for jobs annually,” Mr Beck said

The Ministry’s last application call saw around 8,000 applications received. 

Mr Beck explained that the screening process includes the assessment of individual CVs and decisions were made according to employers’ requirements.

He added two flights have been proposed for next month to fly around 500 workers to Australia.

We are anticipating more workers going especially to Australia in December. That is what we are currently working on. We anticipated a couple of full flights. At the moment we have figures of just under 5 hundred workers for the December flights,” Mr Beck said. 

By Sharon Nanau

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