Local Radiographers celebrated World Radiography Day


Staff and Heads of Department within the National Referral Hospital (NRH) Radiology Department celebrated the World Radiography Day 2021 at the NRH Radiology building in Honiara this morning.

The day was celebrated with the theme, “Role of the Radiographer in a Pandemic.”

Speaking at the program, Head of Radiography, Emy Karovo Luluku thanked the groups and individuals for their ongoing support towards the Solomon Islands Society of Radiographers and encouraged radiographers to perform their duties well.

“Thank you for depicting the role of a radiographer in this pandemic. I would like to encourage all radiographers and imaging technologists to perform our role in this pandemic well to the best of our capacity,” Mrs Luluki said.

Head of Radiography, Emy Luluku speaking during the event

Speaking to SIBC News, Mrs Luluku also emphasized on the important role of radiographers and technicians when attending to patients as it is a skill that requires one that is well trained.

“We assist doctors in providing diagnosis to sick patients and when patients come to our department for x-rays, our technicians take images and our radiologists read this image.

When we think of what is in the human body, the technician must be well trained to know exactly how the patient should be positioned so that they can get a picture of the region of interest that the radiologist should focus on. That is why you have to be a qualified and trained technician before you can take images,” She said.

The World Radiography Day is celebrated around the world on the 8th of November every year to mark the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1985.

Radiographers worldwide used this day to promote radiography as a vital contribution to modern healthcare. 

Those who were part of the celebration

Meanwhile, Dr Aaron Oritaimae who also attended the celebration acknowledged the day as an important day of discovery in the medical profession.

“Radiation was discovered 126 years ago by scientists who used it for human developments and now we are using it for our advantage so that is why we are here today, to acknowledge the discovery of radiation,” he said.

Dr Aaron Oritaimae speaking during the celebration

The Solomon Islands Society of Radiographers and the National Imaging Service at NRH including the radiology department also acknowledged Dr Oritamae for his contributions to the radiography profession by giving a token of appreciation with words of acknowledgement from Mrs Luluku.

By Eliza Kukutu

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