SIG and Japan sign off assistance to procure much needed medical equipment for Solomon Islands.


The Government of Solomon Islands and Japan have signed off on a document of assistance that will see the procurement of much needed medical equipment urgently needed by the Solomon Islands Health sector.

The signing of an Exchange Note was held today between the Supervising Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka and the Ambassador of Japan to the Solomon Islands, H.E. MIWA Yoshiaki.

Supervising Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka and HE. Miwa Yoshiaki signing the documents

The equipment to be provided includes portable ultrasound devices, enzyme immunoassay devices, ultra-low temperature freezers, blood cold storage units, dry ice machines, and haemoglobin meters.

Supervising MFAET Minister, Hon. Agovaka said this bilateral support is worth 200 million Japanese Yen (SBD $12M) for the procurement and supply of these medical items and equipment.

He said this support signifies the comprehensive vision of the Japanese Government, to promote health sector development and to effectively enhance the country’s medical service delivery.

“The provision of these much-needed medical equipment to the National Referral Hospital and provincial hospitals and health centers around the country, will surely have substantive and meaningful impacts in the lives of Solomon Islanders and help bridge the existing gaps that requires urgent attention in the country’s health and medical sector.”

Minister Agovaka said as Solomon Islands slowly recovers from the devastating impacts of COVID19, such unremitting support from the Government of Japan, is a portrayal of the permanent friendship between the two Governments and the understanding and awareness of the needs of its peoples.

Minister Agovaka thanked the Government and good people of Japan for the support and assures them that Solomon Islands will continue to work together with Japan to promote and advance matters of mutual interests.

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Medical Service and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade with HE. Miwa Yoshiaki

In response, Ambassador of Japan, H.E MIWA Yoshiaki said the Government of Japan hopes that the medical equipment will be used effectively in hospitals and medical health centers in Honiara and provinces in the country to improve the welfare of the Solomon people.

This year marks 45 years since Japan and Solomon Islands forge diplomatic relations and both countries have enjoyed warm cordial relations over the past decades.


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