SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC.

SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC.

A task force from the Ministry of Education and Solomon Islands Teachers Association and church authorities begin consultations on teachers view on their leave packages and housing allowances.

Speaking from Temotu province today, SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi said the task force is to collect teacher’s views to resettle teacher’s leave passages and housing allowances.

Mr Faisi says addressing teacher’s frustrations will help address teacher’s absenteeism and other related issues.

“I think that if the government can take over responsibility and consider meeting teacher’s full leave passages as well as providing them their housing allowances, personally I see that will be a positive outcome. Teachers will feel that they are part of the Solomon Islands workforce, and yes they can contribute more fully and maybe reduce the issue of teacher absenteeism.”

The General Secretary urge teachers to speak freely on issues that will help them in their teaching carrier.

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