Teaching. Photo credit:

Teaching. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Teachers Association (SINTA) has submitted its teaching service concerns to the Parliamentary Bills and Legislative Committee (BLC).

The is in line with the current consultation to further improve the 2014 National Education Act.

Solomon Islands Teacher Association General Secretary Robert Lafisi says the submission seeks public servant status for all its members.

“Teacher would really like to become public servants, at the moment the definition public servants for teachers seems dull and if teachers are not public servants, then what are they?”

Mr. Lafisi adds SINTA also demands that the government establish a separate ministry for its teachers.

“The second thing is that teachers would like to have a separate teaching service ministry. Teachers are 10,000 in number compared to all the government ministries, which some only have 500 or 1,000 but they have their own separate ministries, so why not teachers?”

SIBC News understands, the final report of the draft will be tabled before Parliament mid-year.

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