SIPA deploys plastic containment floating boom

Solomon Ports as part of promoting and ensuring proper waste management practices in Honiara, has installed buoys and barriers just outside the Mataniko river mouth, which will extend further across the Honiara Central Market soon. 

Plastic containment floating boom outside Mataniko river mouth. Photo Supplied/SIPA

The barriers will be used to trap plastic wastes and rubbish coming out from the Mataniko river and along the Honiara coastline. 

This is part of SIPA’s Green Port Initiative and ongoing efforts to improve proper waste management solutions at the Port of Honiara, and the rest of the city.

Head of division in charge, SIPA Habour Master, Captain Percy said SIPA is concerned by the number of plastic wastes coming out from the Mataniko river mouth and floating along the Honiara CBD coastline. 

Captain Percy said the main purpose of installing the barriers was also to prevent plastic and general waste from ending up near the port terminals, which may harm ship and boat operation around the port terminals. 

“The barrier will target plastic bottles, bags, cans, and other types of rubbish that are commonly found polluting the Honiara coastline,” he said. 

“I kindly call on the public to stop throwing away plastic wastes that might end up in the ocean, not only this barrier will keep our habour clean, but it will reduce further harm to the coastline and its inhabitants.”

 He also appealed to boat users and people residing along the Mataniko river mouth to respect the barriers and must report issues concerned with the barriers to SIPA. 

Floating boom. Photo: SIPA

SIPA’s Habour patrol division will oversee monitoring the barrier and carrying out the collection of plastic wastes trapped in the barrier and buoys. 

The division’s supervisor Mr. Duddley Suimae said his officers are already patrolling and monitoring the buoys, and around the port boundary. Mr. Suimae cautions boat operators who usually travel along the point Cruz habour to watch out for the buoys.

“I strongly urge people coming to the port to travel by ship to avoid throwing rubbish into the ocean, do your part and we’ll do ours to make sure our port and ocean is clean and safe,” he said. 

“I would also want to remind you that our officers will be patrolling the area, people who will be caught throwing rubbish into the ocean will be fined.” 

SIPA’s Green Port initiative has been stepping up the cleanup campaign both on communities, and at sea to ensure proper waste management solutions are practiced in Honiara. 

The plastics that will be trapped inside the installed barrier will be collected by SIPA, and properly disposed.

SIPA encourages people travelling at sea along the Honiara coastline to stop dumping plastic wastes into our ocean, let’s work together to keep our ocean clean

-SIPA Media

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