By Eliza Kukutu

Six contestants are set to compete in the upcoming 2024 Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP).

They are Ezinma Kausua (Miss Guadalcanal), Kerrie Faradatolo (Miss Tourism), Sharllyma Aruhane (Miss Coral Seas Resort & Casino) , Elsie Polosavai (Miss Lauru),  Azarinna Zolela Stevens (Miss SICAN), and Jayn Zayniellar Soakai ( Miss Tulagi).

The contestants were formally introduced in a press conference at the Pacific Crown Hotel today.

Speaking to SIBC News, MSIP Event Manager Lynette Adomea said this year’s pageant is one to watch as they are confident in the contestants.

“I think we have a really high caliber of girls this year, we have a couple of young ones, but they are so confident, so brave and we are so proud of them already. “

“We also have the older girls that are prepared, they’ve gone through university and some of them are working, but already just from seeing how they interact with each other and are starting to bond, I think that this is just going to be a really special Solomon Islands pageant,” she said.

The contestants and their chaperones.

The contestants were also given the opportunity to pick their topics for their pre-pageant speech at the press conference. The topics were generated surrounding the theme for the pageant which is “Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development.”

Ms. Adomea said they have decided for the contestants to pick their topics early to provide ample time for them to prepare for their pre-pageant speech.

“This year is quite different from past years as we have a lot of time. So, we decided that picking the topics for their pre-pageant speech early, which also goes towards their scores can give girls the time to prepare for their speech.”

Following their formal introduction today, the contestants will also be doing their first visit as a group to the Prime Minister’s Office tomorrow.

Meanwhile, representing her people of Choiseul Province, contestant, Elsie Polosavai said that she is looking forward to promoting the preservation of cultures in the

Miss Lauru, Elsie Polosavai.

pageant show.

“One of the things that I would like to promote in this pageant is the importance of using contemporary and modern ways of doing things to preserve culture.”

“But on top of that, to do it in a way that is sensitive and culturally appropriate, so that we can show the accurate representations of our cultures, customs and traditions.”

Ms. Polosavai returned to the country earlier this week to contest in the pageant after being away in New Zealand for more than ten years.

Reflecting on her return, Polosavai said she anticipates some challenges, but she is looking forward for the competition.

“Although I am representing the people of Lauru, we have a lot of diversity in our culture as a province, so the challenge for me would be how I can show the accurate and appropriate way to showcase these cultures and to be inclusive of all the people in Lauru.”

“But preparations for the competition is going well and I get to meet my team members and I believe our ideas go well together. I have met my fellow contestants and I am excited be among these beautiful ladies,” she said.

Miss Guadalcanal, Ezinma Kausua also hopes that her advocacy towards women’s health in the pageant can make a difference for women and girls in her province.

Miss Guadalcanal, Ezinma Kausua.

“I see that health is a huge issue in Guadalcanal province especially for women, girls and even children.”

“So, I hope my advocacy on health can empower others to stay healthy, and I know that by staying healthy we can also contribute to sustainable development in the country,” she said.

For contestant Azarinna Zolela Stevens, she hopes that her participation in the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant can encourage other females to involve in climate advocacy in the country.

Miss SICAN, Azarinna Zolela Stevens.

She also hopes to drive change through the support of her sponsor, the Solomon Islands Climate Action Network (SICAN).

“I hope that through my advocacy, women and girls are able to come out and take part in climate advocacy and climate change activities in the country.

“As women, we need to involve in activities that can boost our confidence and help use reach spaces where we can have the say on decision making matters.”

The 2024 Miss Solomon Islands Pageant will be held next month.

The winning contestant will represent Solomon Islands in the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant next year in Honiara.


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