Solomon Airlines Provides SBD 5m Sponsorship for 2023 Pacific Games

Solomon Airlines has announced its sponsorship worth SBD 5-million for the 2023 Pacific Games.

Solomon Airlines Chief Executive Officer Gus Kraus and the Chief Executive Officer of the 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) signed the sponsorship contract at the Henderson International Airport tarmac today (15 February 2023).

Solomon Airlines CEO Gus Kraus announcing the sponsorship

The airline’s sponsorship is in the value of air travel, air freight and promotional content via its owned media channels, to underpin logistics and promotion of the Pacific Games.

Speaking at the announcement, CEO Kraus says their sponsorship is fitting as the country’s national carrier.

“We are very proud to be involved with GOC. We are the national carrier of Solomon Airlines, and it is only fitting that we make this contribution to the efforts that have been laid as a foundation by the government of Solomon Islands, and the GOC.”

“This is the biggest event that we have seen in the Solomon Islands. Other events were challenging and small in relation to this event. We like to say that we’re proud to be able to also move the mascot around the country and participate in assisting the travel of all the officials and all those identified to be involved with the GOC,” Mr Kraus said.

Solomon Airlines and GOC staff at the signing

GOC Board Chair, Martin Rara speaking on behalf of the committee thanked the airline for their timely support for the game’s preparations.

“We see the sponsorship from Solomon Airlines as vital and very important. It is bridging the Pacific through the sponsorship, bridging Solomon Islands through that sponsorship. Because of that we are so thankful.”

Seeing that this is a gold sponsor, we will ensure that the platform of being a gold sponsor is being utilized by the company,” he said.

The airline is the first presenting sponsor for the Pacific Games 2023.


By Eliza Kukutu

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