Solomon Airlines to Expand Domestic Operations with Return of Dash-8 Aircraft

Solomon Airlines will ramp up domestic operations across Solomon Islands from October following the  return of the airline’s Dash-8 aircraft next month. 

The 36-seat Dash-8, Solomon Airlines’ largest domestic aircraft, has been offshore for an annual scheduled heavy maintenance check. 

Following crew refresher training, and reinduction requirements, the aircraft will re-join the fleet from  Monday 3 October to operate between Honiara and Munda, Gizo, Auki and Kirakira, with additional  destinations to be considered.  

Dash-8 aircraft at Henderson Airport

“The re-introduction of the Dash-8 will allow us to increase capacity significantly to Munda and Gizo, and to improve the efficiency of our operation,” Solomon Airlines Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gus Kraus said.

“Under our new schedule from October, we have ensured that connectivity between our international  and domestic flights is as seamless as it can be, especially for key tourism destinations Seghe, Munda,  Gizo, Suavanao and Marau,” Mr. Kraus added. 

“This will also improve access for inbound tourists travelling via our Brisbane and Nadi hubs,” he said. 

“As we rebuild our operations, we will continue to monitor demand and assess our fleet to ensure that we  manage costs and meet future demand as is appropriate,” he said.  

The reintroduction of the Dash-8 aircraft has allowed Solomon Airlines to build an expanded domestic  schedule, so existing passengers can expect some variations to upcoming flights, including: 

Dash-8 aircraft will operate the majority of Honiara to Munda and Gizo services six days weekly, Auki flights to operate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (Monday & Wednesday by Dash-8),  Kirakira flights to operate Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Tuesday & Friday by Dash-8), Santa Ana flights will operate on Monday, instead of Tuesday under the previous schedule, Seghe flights will operate on Monday and Friday and Kagau flights will operate on Tuesday and Friday  

Atoifi flights will operate on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday under the previous schedule, Ballalae flights will operate on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday under the previous schedule, Parasi flights will operate on Thursday, instead of Friday under the previous schedule, Manaoba flights will operate on Friday, instead of Monday under the previous schedule of Flights to Fera and Suavanao will operate as separate direct services every Friday, instead of a combined service under the previous schedule 

Other Solomon Airlines services may be affected by time changes under the new schedule. The airline  will endeavour to contact all passengers on services with adjusted departure times. 

Updated schedules are available on the Solomon Airlines website Travel Advice page or by  visiting

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