Solomon Islands Labour Mobility Tok Stori

Solomon Islands Labour Mobility Tok Stori

To date, 6,721 Solomon Islanders have participated in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, working in a range of industries in Australia, including agriculture, meat processing and aged care. These workers make a positive contribution to the Australian communities they join, and their communities at home in Solomon Islands also benefit.

Australia is pleased to be supporting the Solomon Islands Government in its review of the Labour Mobility Policy, to enhance and build the labour mobility program.

Stakeholders met in Honiara for a two-day workshop from 20-21 March to discuss the benefits and challenges for Solomon Islands and participants in the PALM scheme.

The PALM scheme offers job opportunities for Solomon Islanders in Australia.

The Tok Stori featured presentations from researchers, returned workers and others on the positive impacts of labour mobility on communities and on Solomon Islands’ economy.

In 2023, workers from around the provinces sent home around SBD247 million in remittances thanks to the PALM scheme. The positive impacts of this can be seen across Solomon Islands, where returned workers are using their savings to build new family homes, pay school fees and start local businesses.

The Tok Stori is a chance for stakeholders to hear from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Director Labour Mobility, Christina Maoma, who will oversee the review of Solomon Islands’ labour mobility policy this month.

“Labour mobility is a great opportunity for many Solomon Islanders and we are excited to be embarking on a review of our labour mobility policy this month, with Australia’s support, to see how we can improve the scheme in the years ahead, and harness the benefits that labour mobility can bring,” Director Maoma said.


– Australia High Commission Solomon Islands

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