A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. SIBC.

A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. SIBC.

The police have issued a warning against touching victims of road accidents without professional medical assistance saying more harm might be done, than good.

In a statement issued this week, the Traffic Department said members of the public must leave casualties of motor accidents to the police, fire service or medical officers.

The Traffic Department explains actions like pulling out an injured person from any vehicle collision situation can lead to the death of the victim, and such actions can be prosecuted.

The police are also alleging that some deaths of fatal accidents may have been a result of members of the public trying to pull out injured persons from vehicles involved in accidents.

Police investigations also reveal in most motor accident cases, a good number of people were more interested in stealing anything from the scene of the accident, than in assisting the victims that needed help.

Meanwhile, the Police say witnesses of road accidents should call the police and try to keep people away from the site before assistance arrives.

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