Women in Leadership. Photo credit:

Women in Leadership. Photo credit:

A young form one student believes women and girls are capable of taking on leadership roles if they are empowered and motivated economically.

Bishop Epalle School’s Noe Fay Kabitana of Bishop Epalle school made this statement while delivering her speech yesterday in the Junior Category annual school Speech competition in Honiara.

Miss Fay says a change in Solomon Islands can be achieved through leadership involving both men and women.

“When women and girl are encouraged to perform duties as equally as males, this is encouraging and empowering them to become leaders. At any school setting this is evident when having an equal outnumber of boy and girl and having a head boy and a head girl position is empowering the young female generation.”

Meanwhile, Seth Suifasia a grade six student from Vura Community HighSchool spoke on the topic “Fathers have a God-given responsibility to look after their families.”

Mr Suifasia says God wants all homes to be a little Heaven down here on earth and appointed the father to lead.

He says a Father must govern his action by genuine, godly and sacrificial love.

The Annual Speech competition enters its second day in Honiara today with speeches from the intermediate category.

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