Students in class at KGVI school. Photo credit: SIBC.

Students in the class at KGVI school. Photo credit: SIBC.

The National Examination and Standard Unit (NESU) under the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has clarified issues surrounding withholding of examination results of certain students this year.

Director of the National Examination and Standard Unit Linda Wate explains the first reason for withholding examination results is because the affected students failed to complete their school fees for last year.

“There are two reasons, one is that their schools for 2014 have written to us and have asked that we withhold the results because the students did not complete their school fees or even never paid their fees at all.”

Mrs Wate adds another reason is the concerned students failed to pay up their examination fees to the NESU Office.

“The other case is when they failed to pay up our exam fees. According to our NESU records if parents do not pay the fees and marked as paid against our records, then we can withhold the result. Sometimes parents never bring the receipts although they paid the fees and so outstanding amounts would still be against their names.”

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