National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

The 2014 Supplementary Appropriation (No.2) Bill 2014 was passed without amendment in Parliament late yesterday evening.

Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon. Rick Hou says, the new Act is to appropriate an additional $187, 839, 564,000 to the service of the year ending 31st December 2014.

Mr. Hou says, the Government has to ensure that respect is maintained and improved with development partners, our children and citizens continue to be educated and up-skilled, our clinics and hospitals continue to function, our sovereignty and security is maintained, and our justice system continue to function efficiently.

He says, to secure our independence and pride as a sovereign nation, the Government must continue with key investments in social services, infrastructure development and the productive sector.

Minister Hou adds, in critical circumstances, the government may have to, where absolutely necessary, trade off lower priorities with those that are becoming more critical.

He highlighted two incidents that have negatively impacted our economy this year are the April flash floods and the suspension of production at the Gold Ridge Mine.

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