Suspicious deaths under police investigations

Police are currently investigating suspicious deaths of two adult male persons in two different Hotels in Honiara on different dates.

A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo credit: SIBC.

Deputy Commissioner Operations, Ian Vaevaso told local reporters today, the first deceased is a Malaysian whose body was discovered at the Pacific Casino Hotel over the weekend.

He says the body is currently at the morgue as the investigation continues.

“The first incident of the deceased, a 56 years old Malaysian National who worked at the Pacific Casino Hotel. Police got information that the deceased has a medical history of illness, and that’s the matter subject for police investigations.”  

Mr. Vaevaso ads, the other deceased is a local person whose body was discovered at the Rock Haven Inn on Tuesday (17th August 2021).

“The second death is a local working for the South Seas Evangelical Church who died in his room at the Rock Haven Inn.”

Investigation into the two incidents continues.



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