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We are waiting for you, come and let’s put things right, Tadai Paramount Chief to Mr Manekanivaka

admin- September 1, 2021

Paramount Chief of Tadai Francis PerogoloThe Paramount Chief of Tadai has called on Mr Manenivaka Reuben to consult the Ghaobata House of Chiefs and come ... Read More

Supercharged Kuvojos marches on to Solo Cup semis

admin- July 9, 2017

John Kamavae celebrates Lauru's 4th goal. The Lauru Kuvojo side has thrashed Guadalcanal 4-1 to progress to the semi finals of the Solomon Cup after ... Read More

Guadalcanal takes steps to ban alcohol

admin- July 5, 2017

Some alcohol advertising in Honiara The Guadalcanal Provincial Government is planing on banning alcohol in the province by the end of 2017. Guadalcanal premier Anthony ... Read More

Honiara stun Hornets to go top of group A

admin- July 5, 2017

Guadalcanal defender shields the ball from an attacking Honiara forward, David Tome.   The Honiara warriors have beaten Guadalcanal Hornets in a feisty 2-0 win ... Read More