Tandai Paramount Chief slams govt


Tandai Chief Charles Chilivi. Photo: Benjamin Afuga.

The indigenous owners and trustees of Honiara Land-Tandai landowning groups are upset the government fails to consult and involve them in yesterday’s ground breaking for delivering the major Submarine Cable project through their land.

Tandai paramount chief Charles Chilivi told SIBC News.

“As a Tandai trustee, landowner inside Honiara town, and a Paramount chief , we are not happy with the ground breaking ceremony because we the landowners of Honiara are not involved in the ceremony,” he said.

Chief Chilivi warned the government, because of this disrespect, the Tandai landowners refuse further consultation and withdraw their support for the project.

He said, the government cannot become so narrow minded and neglect the people whose resources it depends on.

Chief Chilivi demanded a formal apology from the government if it has any chance to continue this project.

“In our culture if you ignore us is a big deal, and this means that we will not sign this MOU,” he said.

“Until we receive any form of apology from the government then we will sign , but at this point we are not signing any MOU until the government apologizes.”

By: Fred Osifelo. 


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