‘The people are waiting’: MPs call for action on anti-corruption bill


Parliament has broken to consider more bills.

Independent Group leader Derek Sikua has reminded the Government that the people of Solomon Islands “are waiting” for Parliament to deliberate on the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr Sikua called on the Government to hold itself to the promise it made to return the bill to Parlaiment this month.

“Our people are waiting,” he said. “And I hope that it makes its way to the house during this sitting.”

The offices of the parliamentary Opposition and Independent Group in Parliament supported the special adjournment of Parliament to October 23 during yesterday’s sitting.

Speaking to SIBC News today, chairman of the civil society organisations’ Anti-Corruption Bill Committee, Dr Huddie Namo said the organisation wanted to thank the Prime Minister for announcing his Government’s intent to retable the bill in the next sitting of Parliament.

But, he said, they were also cautious.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare moved a special adjournment motion in Parliament to allow the government and the Bills and Legislation Committee to conduct enquiries into bills that are set to go before parliament, including the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017.

Leader of the Opposition Jeremiah Manele said he understood the reason for the delay was to give proper consideration of important legislation such as much awaited anti-corruption bill.

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