Thirty-two suspects, charged with taking part in last week’s Julian Marley concert riot, have been remanded in custody until January 24.

Another eight suspects were released on cash bails of one thousand and 7-hundred dollars.

Four of the suspects who were released on bail, were juveniles.

Provincial Police Commander for Honiara, Vincent U’ubwe confirmed the remands and the releases to SIBC News today.

“There are about 32 suspects remanded. Six adults were released on cash bails, two were released on cash bails of $1000.00 each and then the other two were released on cash bails of $700.00 each, but out of the six another two the court sees fit that they be remanded again so they were remanded again for 24 January. Amongst these suspects there were four juvaniles and the four juvaniles the court released them on cash bails of a thousand dollars each”.

SIBC News understands the oldest suspect arrested on the rioting charges was 35 years old and the youngest to be arrested was 12 years old.


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