This is the most corrupt election : Alebua


Ezekiel Alebua. Photo: AFP.

The former Right. Honourable Prime Minister and Guadalcanal Provincial Premier, Ezekiel Alebua said, whilst he agrees that the recent National General Election was peaceful, it was among the most corrupt.

In his observation, the main source of election corruption was the 2018 Electoral Act.

Mr. Alebua said, the Act had a number of flaws for improvement.

He said the 2018 Electoral Act was either ill- conceived or intentionally drawn up to enable former MPs who passed the Act retain their Parliamentary seats.

He pointed out, cross- constituency voting and the use of RCDF as among the major flaws.

“People are being asked to use their right to vote anywhere they like, but the people didn’t use their rights responsibly,” he said.

“People from different provinces who don’t know the candidates from other provinces , they also didn’t attend their campaigns, they went and voted in different provinces, the government is also responsible for the return of many former MPs through the RCDF.”

He also stated an example was during the election campaign period when other candidates wanted to hire vehicles that were bought with constituency funds by former MPs, but were prevented by the supporters of the former MPs, which Alebua stated that this was not right because the vehicles were government assets.

“I don’t have any other option but to describe this election as the most corrupt,” he said.

Mr. Alebua is recording all his observations on the 2019 National general election and will pass it on to the Solomon Islands Electoral Office for consideration in future elections.

Meanwhile, some people around the country had shared the same sentiments uttered by Mr Alebua.

Joe Silvester from Lau Baelelea in Malaita Province said that although the election was indeed peaceful, how the election and voting process was carried out was not fair, and must be investigated.

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