The Sol Plaza at Town Ground in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Sol Plaza at Town Ground in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Businesses carried out at the Town Ground Plaza may have to close as the Town and Country Planning Board have terminated a Stage Occupancy Permit granted to China United.

China United is the lessee of the Town Ground Plaza and recently it rented out spaces in the plaza to businesses after claiming, it received a stage occupancy permit granted by Town and Country Planning Board.

But Freelancer Allan Tarohania says, in a letter dated 20th May 2015 signed by board chairman, Councillor Eddie Ngava, United China was informed, the board has terminated the stage occupation permit granted to the company around 2014.

He says the letter stated that the board ‘has no record in proof in reference to the permit granted’, adding the  letter advised the company that the permit granted to it earlier is therefore revoked and that the board decided to maintain the judgement made by the magistrate court in 2012.

In 2012, the magistrate court had made a ruling that the Town Ground Plaza is unfit for business undertakings until a proper assessment is being carried out to ascertain its suitability.

He also adds the board is of the view that the current stage of the building is unfit for occupation.

The letter reaffirmed that the revocation of the occupancy permit is, therefore, valid from the 20th May 2015.

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