TSI congratulates Mrs Waetara on her appointment as Solomon Islands Permanent Representative to the United Nations


Transparency Solomon Islands congratulates Mrs. Jane Waetara on her recent appointment as Solomon Islands Permanent Representative to the United Nations. As the Permanent Representative of Solomon Islands in the United Nations, she also is Solomon Islands Ambassador to United States and the High Commissioner to Canada.

Mrs Waetara during her swearing in ceremony at the Government House. Photo: GCU


These are very high diplomatic positions that come with a lot of responsibilities.

Transparency Solomon Islands whilst congratulating, Mrs. Jane Waetara, commends the appointment, as a right fit for her experiences in the public sector, and of the country. Mrs. Jane Waitara is a very experienced public servant, and having held top position within the Machinery of Government, is well suited for the appointment.

She brings with her a wealth of experience. Her critical analytic skills, navigational skills, depth of understanding of the socio-economic developmental needs, challenges, opportunities, risks are but just some of the values that she brings to these diplomatic posts.

Her appointment therefore can only benefit the country, the United Nations and the two countries that she is appointed to as Ambassador and High Commissioner.  Congratulations Mrs. Jane Waetara for a well-deserved appointment.

Transparency Solomon Islands in the same manner lauds the Executive Government for the appointment of Mrs. Jane Waetara to these top diplomatic posts.  This is a first for women in Solomon Islands.

Whilst TSI acknowledges Solomon Island women who prior to this served in diplomatic top posts, this is one of the highest for women.  It is encouraging to see women being appointed to such top positions, including those who sit in a number of public institutions such as Commissioners etc.  Well done Executive Government.

Transparency Solomon Islands in the same manner and gender, pays tribute to the many women past and present who have been the firsts in education, and in many other sectors and in public service, overseas serving Solomon Islands.

They are the movers and shakers of the advancement of women in the public sector, in private sector and a number in the private sector in the Solomon Islands. It is good to talk about gender, but experiences and observations in Solomon Islands shows that it is not easy nor is it a given.

The biggest breakthrough in the advancement of women is through many of our first women, who broke the barrier and performed excellently, wherever they serve.  Lest we forget, we need to acknowledge, appreciate, and know of the who, how, when, where, we have come from to map out a future for the how, who, when,  where of gender equality, advancement and equity.

Transparency Solomon Islands says CONGRATULATIONS MRS. JANE WAETARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE UNITED NATIONS, AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES AND HIGH COMMISSIONER TO CANADA of Solomon Islands. The country looks forward to your intervention, input etc. to the United Nations on behalf of Solomon Islands and its citizens.

TSI Press Statement

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