Using social media as a marketing platform

Using social media as a marketing platform


More women in Solomon Islands are venturing into online business to market their products.

Increased access to the internet and smartphones has led to the emergence of more women-led businesses on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  

Founder of the Facebook page “Inspired Arts”, Francina Paikea said transitioning their business online has helped boost her families’ traditional weaving business.

She added, online marketing has allowed them to reach customers around the country and abroad.

“We started Inspired Arts in 2016 and have slowly grown our following over time, which has given us enough exposure to begin reaching orders from overseas,” she explained.

All items sold on Inspired Arts are woven by women in Ms. Paikea’s family, and have enabled them to generate a source of income to support their livelihoods.

One of the weavers behind the page is her mother, renown weaver from Rennell and Bellona Province, Eva Kaisa’unga Tuhamano.

Ms. Tuhamano represented the country in previous Cultural Arts Festivals around the region, and is keen to pass on this tradition to the younger generation.

However, as people continue to adapt to modern standards of living, concerns regarding the loss of traditional knowledge of weaving is at the forefront of her mind.

“I encourage our women and girls to continue practicing our traditional weaving, this is not only a source of income but represents our identity. You will have pride in knowing that these baskets and these mats are from your home and traditional background,” she emphasized.  


By Andrea Ma’ahanua

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