The national broadcaster SIBC needs to fill two vacancies on its board of directors as soon as possible. The state-owned enterprises (SOE) regulations of 2010 require three names per position to be submitted to the Accountable Ministers who will choose the person they decide should become the new director.

SIBC is required by the State Owned Enterprises Act (2007) to perform as a commercial enterprise.

Persons with the following appropriate knowledge, skills and experience are invited to tender expressions of interest in serving on the Board of this important SOE which is supervised by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

  1. A person with finance management qualifications and experience in a successful private enterprise in which that person has substantial shareholding


  1. A person with academic qualifications, published research and long and successful experience in working with print, online and broadcasts media


  1. A person with qualifications and significant background in sales and marketing in a media environment


  1. A person with qualifications and significant experience in technical and engineering environment

If you are happy to contribute please send your Expressions of Interest to the Chairman of the SIBC Board c/- administrator on email or deliver to PO Box 654 Honiara or to Studio HQ at Rove. Closing date is 5th July 2019. You may also ask for a copy of the SOE Act 2007 and the SOE Regulations of 2010.

Expressions of interest will be studied by the Board of Directors and six names will be submitted to the Accountable Ministers for SIBC, the Minister of Finance and Treasury and the Prime Minister who will decide on who the vacancy should be offered to.

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